About Building Waco

10 years of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) in Waco

The Building Waco Program is a 10-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that will renew and build essential infrastructure necessary to maintain Waco’s quality of life, foster economic growth and increase long-term sustainability.  The program includes many individual projects that were carefully selected after extensive engineering studies determined which facilities and structures are in the most critical condition.

The City of Waco currently provides water service to more than 131,000 people. The population within the water service area is projected to grow by almost 40,000 people in the next 25 years. Building Waco is the City’s proactive plan to address growth and sustainability of water and wastewater services in Waco and surrounding communities.

Cost Breakdown: $320 million over 10 years

$139 million in Wastewater Projects
$131 million in Water Projects
$50 million in Street Improvements

Waco’s Infrastructure and Our Future

Waco is growing. Expectations for services are increasing with the growth. Much like everything else in life, buildings, structures, pipes and mechanical pumps do not last forever. They are built with an approximate, “life expectancy.” In some cases, the structures are intended to function for as long as 50 years. In spite of this, many cities across the country, like Waco, are still reliant on facilities and systems built during the 1940’s or earlier.

Infrastructure refers to all of the fundamental facilities and systems that are essential to enable, sustain and/or enhance living conditions and the economy in an area. Typically, this includes things like roads, bridges, tunnels, water treatment, storage and distribution, sewers and sewer treatment.

Over the next ten years, Waco and McLennan County residents will see and benefit from infrastructure projects, including the replacement of the Westview Ground Storage Tank, the installation of new water lines, the construction of new water pump stations and the demolition of Owen Tower.