Bull Hide Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

To accommodate new development and additional flows from the Highway 84 corridor, this project includes improvements necessary to increase the plant capacity by 50% (from 1.5 MGD to 2.25 MGD) New construction for this amount of capacity in this type of facility could currently be as high as $7.5 to $11.25 million. These improvements represent a realized theoretical savings of $3.5 to $7.25 million over new construction.

Projected Start/End Dates

Work on this project is contingent upon final permit, but is anticipated to begin in Winter 2022 and is estimated be complete in Summer 2024.

Projected Cost

Approximately $4 million

Anticipated Impact to Residents

At this time, no disruptions or street closures are anticipated as a result of this project.

Primary Core Issue Addressed

Wastewater Master Plan: Asset renewal