Miscellaneous Water and Sewer

This overall project is a combination of smaller projects which will improve water system pressure along a portion of S. Valley Mills Drive and six smaller sewer projects in areas containing aged infrastructure. The wastewater lines in these areas are made of vitrified clay pipe and most are located behind homes with no alley to access the lines. Poor line condition has allowed inflow and infiltration issues to develop, which contributes to overloading the sewerage system in wet weather events. 

Areas of the smaller sewer projects include: N. 32nd Street and MacArthur Drive; Alexander Ave. and N. 32nd St; Huaco Lane at North New Road; Canyon Dr. near W. Lake Shore Dr.; alley between Lyle Ave. and Herring Ave; and the alleys between N. 15th A St. and N. 18th St.

Projected Start/End Dates

Work on this project began in Fall 2021 and estimated to be complete in Summer 2023

Projected Cost

Approximately $2.6 million

Anticipated Impact to Residents

Residents in the identified areas may be impacted by equipment and work behind their homes, as well as necessary access to the locations. 

Primary Core Issue Addressed

Water/Wastewater Master Plan: Asset renewal