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In Progress

  • 18th St. Water Line

    This project involves replacing an existing 1944, oversized, cast-iron, 15-inch water line in 18th Street, between Waco Drive and Bosque Boulevard. 

  • 54” West Bank Interceptor Reroute

    City staff in Water Utility Services Department has been working with engineers and contractors on constructing the water and sewer utilities for the private/public Riverfront Development Project. 

  • 5th St. Improvements

    This project includes street, water, wastewater, and storm improvements to 5th Street from Bosque Blvd. to Interstate 35.

  • 72” Parallel Raw Water Line

    The existing 72-inch raw water line that feeds the DAF Water Treatment Plant is more than 50 years old. A new 72-inch line will provide a vital, redundant feed from Waco’s sole water source.

  • Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)

    The City of Waco will be updating its metering systems with new software and hardware to provide real-time meter usage monitoring and offer customers improved tools to manage their accounts.

  • Brazos River Embankment Repair

    Over years, the flow of the river has eroded the bank near and around the outfall area of the WMARSS Central Treatment Plant, endangering the outfall structure and operations at the plant.

  • Bull Hide Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

    To accommodate new development and additional flows from the Highway 84 corridor, this project includes improvements necessary to increase the plant capacity by 50% (from 1.5 MGD to 2.25 MGD)

  • Crestwood Sewer

    This project involves the relocation and replacement of wastewater mains in the area of Crestwood Drive, Lake Oaks Drive, and Lockwood Drive.

  • Dutton Ave. Improvements

    This project includes improvements to water and sewer lines, and pavement on Dutton Avenue from 11th Street to 26th Street.

  • Elm Ave. Water and Wastewater Lines Phase 2

    This project involves improvements to the water and sewer lines, in conjunction with improvements to storm drain and street pavement of Elm Avenue from Hood Street to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

  • Emergency Generators

    As a result of the unprecedented 2021 Winter storm, the need for additional emergency generators was identified.

  • Flat Rock Interceptor

    The northwest portion of the City of Waco is experiencing growth and the existing wastewater infrastructure needs improvement to accommodate even more anticipated development in the FM 1637 area.

  • Gurley Lane Wastewater Improvements

    4,530 ft of 48” wastewater line from the new Transfer Lift Station, across University Parks Dr., along Gurley Lane, southwest to 4th St. 

  • Highway 84 Corridor Wastewater System Improvements – Phase 2A

    The existing infrastructure does not have adequate capacity for the growing residential population of the area.

  • Highway 84 Corridor Wastewater System Improvements – Phase 2B

    This project involves the installation of approximately 4,080 linear feet of gravity wastewater line and 11,600 linear feet of wastewater force main in the Highway 84 corridor.

  • Highway 84 Corridor Wastewater System Improvements – Phase 3B

    The project includes the installation of wastewater gravity main near the intersection of Old Lorena Road and Church Road, extending west-southwest to a manhole in Harris Creek Road, just south of Leafy Hollow Lane

  • Hwy 6 – Loop 340 Water and Sewer Relocations A and B

    Water and wastewater lines on the north and south side of Hwy 6/Loop 340 must be relocated due to TXDOT road projects. 

  • Lake Brazos Dam Maintenance

    Over time, the flow of the river has begun to erode some of the riverbank that provides a foundation to a portion of the dam.

  • Miscellaneous Water and Sewer

    This overall project is a combination of smaller projects which will improve water system pressure along a portion of S. Valley Mills Drive and six smaller sewer projects in areas containing aged infrastructure.

  • Mt. Carmel Water Treatment Plant Improvements

    This project involves multiple improvements and repairs needed at the plant, including the replacement of water treatment valves, repair of concrete basin walkways, installation of new safety handrails…

  • North Interceptor Phase 1

    Wastewater improvements in the Northern portions of the Greater Waco area were first identified in 2013 as part of the WMARSS Large Diameter Interceptor Report.

  • Riverside Water Treatment Plant Disinfection Improvements

    This project involves the construction of a new chlorine facility at the Riverside Water Treatment.

  • Webster Ave. Water Line Improvements

    This project involves waterline improvements, on Webster Ave. between 7th St. and 11th St.

  • West Bank

    This project involves a thorough investigation, inspection, and analysis of infrastructure needs along the river.

  • Westview Ground Storage Improvements

    This project aims to remove the existing, 65-yea-old, Westview Ground Storage Tank from service, repair the structure, replace piping, pumps and motors, as well as upgrade the electrical system.


  • 26th St. Water and Wastewater Lines

    This project replaces aged infrastructure along 26th St., near I-35. As the street is resurfaced, the water and wastewater utilities underneath will also be replaced.

  • Airport Pump Station Improvements

    This project upgrades an existing pump station, improving the system’s ability to move water into the growing China Spring area.

  • Brentwood and Cougar Ridge Wastewater Improvements

    This project provides improved wastewater flow and increased capacity for an existing residential neighborhood and an expanding residential area.

  • Chimney Hill

    Storm drain improvements will be made, increasing drainage flow capacity to prevent the flooding of local homes. Due to their proximity, water and wastewater lines will also be replaced at the same time.

  • Downtown Water Lines

    This project replaces aged infrastructure in the downtown area. Several water lines in the downtown area are more than 60 years old and will be completely replaced.

  • FM 1637 Water and Wastewater Line Relocations – Phase 1

    As improvements are made to the roadway on FM 1637, water and sewer lines are being relocated and upgraded in size.

  • FM 1637 Water and Wastewater Line Relocations – Phase 2

    As improvements are made to the roadway on FM 1637, water and sewer lines are being relocated and upgraded in size.

  • Highway 84 Corridor Wastewater System Improvements – Phase 3A

    New 24-inch wastewater line along Val Verde Rd., Hwy 84, and Harris Creek Rd. will replace older lines and increase system capacity for the area.

  • Highway 84 Wastewater Line

    New wastewater lines will be installed alongside the growing Highway 84 corridor. This project will extend wastewater service to industrial customers within Waco’s service area.

  • Highway 84 Water Line

    TXDOT is widening Highway 84 to accommodate increased traffic and this necessitates relocating water and sewer lines.

  • Hillcrest Ground Storage and Pump Station Improvements

    This project will replace the 100-year-old facility with 2 new, smaller tanks, providing better system control and efficiency, as well as improving water quality in the area.

  • Inverness Dr. Force Main Wastewater Line Improvements

    This project consists of replacing approximately 3,000 linear feet of 4-inch force main (pressurized wastewater line).

  • Lake Brazos Dam

    This project will dredge and remove the silt and debris, enabling continued safe function of the Lake Brazos Dam and a stable water level through the downtown river corridor.

  • Lake Shore Dr. and Mt. Carmel Dr. Intersection Improvements

    The intersection will be reconfigured and enhanced to improve safety and traffic flow efficiency.

  • Lake Shore Dr. Superelevation Improvements

    New lanes will be superelevated around the downhill curve of Lake Shore Dr. to improve the safety of drivers.

  • Life Care Water Line

    A new water line will be constructed and connected to an existing water line to establish a new water line loop for this area of the city.

  • MLK Sinkhole

    After the flooding of the Brazos River, a large diameter pipe, owned by Waco Metropolitan Regional Sewerage System, failed at a joint, causing a sinkhole to form.

  • Owen Lane Tower

    The current Owen Lane Tower is a 1.5 million gallon tank that was built almost 50 years ago. It has several structural issues that drive up the cost to repair it, making a new tower more feasible.

  • Peach St. Water Line Improvements

    New water lines will provide adequate water to proposed development in the area of Taylor St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

  • Ritchie Road Tower

    The Richie Road Tower is approximately 33 years old and in need of structural repairs, as well as, new interior and exterior coating. Construction of a new tower and demolition of the old was determined to be in the best interest of the entire community.

  • Riverside Smokestack

    In the last decade, the smokestack has shown the need for serious improvements and has damaged several nearby structures. Repairing the smokestack will help preserve an integral part of a state historical landmark.

  • Riverside Transmission Water Line

    This project provides a new water line to connect the Riverside Water Treatment plant to the Gholson Pump Station and Ground Storage Tank.

  • Riverside WTP High Service Pump Station Improvements

    This project will replace the existing Riverside WTP high service pumps, electrical systems, and controls, increasing pumping capacity to 50 million gallons per day and providing for system growth and redundancy.

  • Timbercrest Area Wastewater Line Improvements

    Wastewater lines in need of rehabilitation are currently located in backyards. New lines will be installed under the streets, providing easier access in the future.

  • Water System Improvements – Ritchie Road/Spring Valley Road

    New water lines will supply surface water to the area west of Hewitt and allow the City of Waco to return control of the well owned by the City of Hewitt.

  • Water System Improvements – Warren Rd.

    The project replaces old, undersized water lines, that were inherited by the City of Waco, significantly improving water service in the Spring Valley Rd. / Old Lorena Rd. / Chapel Rd. area.

  • WMARSS Transfer Lift Station

    Sewer transmissions serving the north side of Waco will see major upgrades and improvements, including the rerouting of wastewater for multiple communities. These improvements are necessary as the current facility, now more than 30 years-old, is in disrepair.


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