Ritchie Road Tower

The Richie Road Tower is approximately 33 years old. Tank inspections of the tower have shown that it is in need of structural repairs as well as new interior and exterior coating. Rehabilitation of the current tower was considered, along with demolition and construction of a new tower. The construction and demolition option was determined to be in the best interest of the entire community. A new 2.0 MG composite water tower (similar to the new Owen Ln. tower, completed in 2019) will be constructed at a site adjacent to the existing tower. Following completion of the new water tower, the existing Ritchie Road water tower will be demolished.

Projected Start/End Dates

Work on this project began in April 2020 and was completed in November 2021.

Projected Cost

$4.5 million

Anticipated Impact to Residents

Since the new tank will be constructed before the old tank is removed from service, no disruptions to service are expected.

Primary Core Issue Addressed

Water Master Plan: Storage

Project Map