Riverside WTP High Service Pump Station Improvements

This pump station improvement project will replace the existing Riverside WTP high service pumps, electrical systems, and controls. Replacement of the pump station is expected to increase the Riverside WTP pumping capacity to 50 million gallons per day (from 40 million gallons per day). In addition to providing for system growth and redundancy, this new pump station will serve the new Riverside-to-Gholson 30-inch water line (completed in 2019), will provide better service to the new Airport Pump Station (completed in 2018), and will feed the new Hillcrest Pump Station (completed in 2019).

Projected Start/End Dates

Work on this project began in April 2020 and was complete in September 2021.

Projected Cost

$10.8 million

Anticipated Impact to Residents

We do not anticipate any disruptions or street closures due to this project.

Primary Core Issue Addressed

Water Master Plan: Asset Renewal

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